Prepping For A Party

Summer is all about fun and games isn’t it, and what better way to have fun than by throwing a house party? If you’re new to the party hosting scene, hopefully these tips will help you prepare yourself for a fun filled summer party;

Invites, Date and ThemeMake a list of people who you want to invite for the party. Doing this will help you get an approximate head count of the number of individuals that will be at your event. Make sure to allocate space for you guests’ ‘plus ones’ as well. Better to be over prepared than under prepared.

Next, call up a few friends and decide when best it would be to have the party.

Pick a theme for your party to keep it fun – either a coloured theme or costume theme. If it’s a coloured theme, keep it casual because there are bound to be a few spilt drinks everywhere on clothes and the floor – which will require you to do carpet cleaning

Menu Planning What’s a party without food and drinks?

I’d say have a few options of food. A variety of finger food can be left out in small decorative bowl for guests to eat, like appetisers. For mains, pizza is definitely the safest option and you can have a range of toppings. Note – be sure to state what the food comprises of as there may be vegetarians among your crowd and individuals with allergies.

Preparing Your House

Cleaning is inevitable when throwing a party, which means before and after the party because nobody wants to host friends in an unclean house. The areas that need the most amount of attention would be the common room or living room. You’ll have to do majority of the vacuuming, mopping and upholstery cleaning North Brisbane a couple days before the party.

This will make it easier to do a quick clean up on the day of the event as the bulk of the work would have already been done.Music and Lighting The second most important part of the party besides the food. if you’re having a major party, hire a DJ or ask a friend if he/she would be willing to do DJ for you pro bono, if not, a few speakers and an AUX cord will do just fine. Lighting doesn’t necessarily mean disco lights, but something to enhance the ambience. Tossing a few stings of fairy lights on a few trees is a very easy way of accomplishing this.

Hopefully this checklist helps and makes future party planning easier!