Is Cleaning Your Ducts Worth It?

Cleaning the ductal systems has been a topic of controversy as far as its necessity is concerned. Recent data however indicates that the ductal system of any air temperature regulating unit or air conditioning unit directly affects the quality of air entering a household or the building it is serving.Indoor pollution is one of the most rising concerns in today’s times. As any air conditioning unit cannot generate brand new air for inhaling in the indoor environment, many units come with the option of different types of filters that help in decreasing the particulate matter content or microbial count in the air by filtration of the outdoor air before it is released inside via the air duct system. However, any leakage or damage to the ductal system of an air conditioning or heating unit can lead to a multiple fold increase in the amount of dirt, dust and particulate matter entering the ductal system and thus increases the work load on the filters.

This often leads to premature failure of the filtration unit.It Is important to get the ducted evaporative cooling repairs and duct cleaning done in a timely and regular manner to avoid increase in the indoor pollution and prolong the life and efficiency of filtration units attached to the ductal system.What does cleaning duct system do?The process of cleaning of ducts involves a thorough cleaning of the ductal system and associated systems involving removal of any debris, dust, dirt, cob webs or molds that may have formed. The process extensively cleans the whole system, thus minimising ductal contamination from happening in indoor air.

The key to maintaining clean ducts

While duct repairs are an expensive affair, duct maintenance is easy and very reliable to prolong the longevity of your air conditioning equipment. The duct should not have any moisture or water contamination or any direct entry of dust or dirt. Avoid placement of any furnaces or stoves in direct vicinity of the ductal inlet or outlet, as this can lead to soot accumulation and Carbon Monoxide related respiratory problems.

Does duct repair and cleaning need professional help?

Duct cleaning and maintenance is best carried out by professionals. Though regular external inspection can be done at home, any extensive work should be done by a skilled professional. The air ducts are the lifelines of any air conditioning or heating equipment. They not only act as a pathway for the air to enter and exit but also determine the amount and pressure at which the air must enter. Any problem with the equalization can lead to inefficiency in the working of the equipment and even equipment breakdown in the longer run.