Ideas On How To Keep Your Sharing Room Neat And Tidy

Are you living on a sharing basis? It is definitely a really phase in life, when we get to be roomies with our good friends. However, it will not always be a pleasant experience. Especially if you are a neat freak and your roomie the exact opposite!

A very similar situation arised when I was living with my really untidy friend! But thanks to God we were able to smooth it out without much trouble!

Take Turns

You should both agree on a common timetable or roster on how to divide all the work at in the room or flat. First you should list down the duties and then list down the days and times of who does what according to your schedules. You can both take more of the work that you’ll are better and like doing. That way you will also enjoy the chores better! 


If you find that your friend has not completed their task you can leave a note for them reminding them of their duty. You can also write a note of the rules you both decided to have at the house at all times and paste them in the appropriate places. For instance, you can paste a note in the kitchen reading, ‘Please wash all the utensils used and also the kitche quality tiles, after use’. This will ensure that the rule is maintained at all times. At least at most times it will be followed. Because the note will serve as a reminder and a warning all the same!

Punish / Reward System

You can also implement a reward/ punishing system. The person who consequently breaks the keeping the house tidy rules can be made to pay a fine or given an extra chore to do. Like maybe was the bathroom tilers Sydney on a free day. You can also have a rewards system like give the person who doesn’t break any rule during the entire month will be free of all chores for an entire day or gets treated to a meal by the other person!

Understand each other

Finally, it is all about understanding each other. You should both have a good understanding of each other to be able to live together in a room. Make sure that you both at all times communicate to each other about the problems and how to solve them together. Keep in mind that good communication is the key to resolving all your problems! You will realize after the phase of having to live with a roomie how fun and nice that life actually was. So don’t stress yourself and your roomie too much about the tidiness!