Don’t Forget The Washroom

You might be wondering how open and obvious the above topic is but in real life people have been able to spot many houses where the living area and the rooms like pristine and in real neat conditions and the moment you enter the washroom, you are running for your life as it is the most disgusting thing you’ve ever seen. There is an ancient proverb which says, if you want to check how neat and clean a house truly is, check the washrooms and inside the cupboards.

Even at your house, having a great look with a beautiful living area and rooms and having an absolutely unkempt bathroom can be just the thing to avoid as the cleanliness and the look of the bathroom can speak volumes about your own personality as well.

Build it right

The main reason why bathroom go untidy and unkempt is because the house owners have not built it to be practical and more maintenance friendly. Having a fancy looking bathroom is not the end goal. You bathroom can still look rich and luxurious but it has to be practical to use as there will be lots of water and soap substances and it is bound to be messy with many beauty paraphernalia such as make up. Choose a floor with bathroom tiles and not the ordinary tiles as they ordinary tends to be slippery and cannot be cleaned as easily and sometimes might not be water resistant. Avoid using wooden and other floors as they might look nice but can cost a fortune to maintain.

Maintenance- ASAP

Bathroom maintenance work should not be delayed and postponed unlike any other part of the house as small leakages can create muddy messes and leave stains on the walls and make the bathroom stink. The broken taps and sinks too need to be immediately fixed as you are using the bathroom on a daily basis and the more you ignore and post pone it the messier it would get. Also, cleaning the washroom of all the debris such as hair strands, wall stains and toilet paper scattered on the floor needs to be done at least twice a week to ensure that the mess doesn’t get added up.

Add a beautiful touch

If you own a lush looking house with fancy accessories, you should bring a similar flair to the bathroom and not let it get ignored as well. Therefore add in little things that will not crowd the bathroom but be just enough to be in synchronization with the house. You could add cloth carpets of the same colours as the walls and avoid woollen carpet as they tend to be slippery on tiles. Add in a few ornaments and flowers near the sink and near the cupboards to avoid the bathroom looking boring.

Remember that the bathroom is a place where it tends to get messy and unkempt soon, therefore regular washing and cleaning is a part of your role to ensure that it’s kept clean and nice. Also, remember that the bathroom is like the soul of your house so never leave it unattended and unkempt.