Month: September 2017

Is Cleaning Your Ducts Worth It?

Cleaning the ductal systems has been a topic of controversy as far as its necessity is concerned. Recent data however indicates that the ductal system of any air temperature regulating unit or air conditioning unit directly affects the quality of air entering a household or the building it is serving.Indoor pollution is one of the most rising concerns in today’s times. As any air conditioning unit cannot generate brand new air for inhaling in the indoor environment, many units come with the option of different types of filters that help in decreasing the particulate matter content or microbial count in the air by filtration of the outdoor air before it is released inside via the air duct system. However, any leakage or damage to the ductal system of an air conditioning or heating unit can lead to a multiple fold increase in the amount of dirt, dust and particulate matter entering the ductal system and thus increases the work load on the filters.

This often leads to premature failure of the filtration unit.It Is important to get the ducted evaporative cooling repairs and duct cleaning done in a timely and regular manner to avoid increase in the indoor pollution and prolong the life and efficiency of filtration units attached to the ductal system.What does cleaning duct system do?The process of cleaning of ducts involves a thorough cleaning of the ductal system and associated systems involving removal of any debris, dust, dirt, cob webs or molds that may have formed. The process extensively cleans the whole system, thus minimising ductal contamination from happening in indoor air.

The key to maintaining clean ducts

While duct repairs are an expensive affair, duct maintenance is easy and very reliable to prolong the longevity of your air conditioning equipment. The duct should not have any moisture or water contamination or any direct entry of dust or dirt. Avoid placement of any furnaces or stoves in direct vicinity of the ductal inlet or outlet, as this can lead to soot accumulation and Carbon Monoxide related respiratory problems.

Does duct repair and cleaning need professional help?

Duct cleaning and maintenance is best carried out by professionals. Though regular external inspection can be done at home, any extensive work should be done by a skilled professional. The air ducts are the lifelines of any air conditioning or heating equipment. They not only act as a pathway for the air to enter and exit but also determine the amount and pressure at which the air must enter. Any problem with the equalization can lead to inefficiency in the working of the equipment and even equipment breakdown in the longer run.


Types Of Plants And Services You Can Expect To Buy From An Online Plant Selling Company

When you look for an online plants and service offering company, the very first thing you wish to know that whether it can serve your exact requirements or not! There are many such companies that have very less amount of collection and the prices are too high. In such cases, it becomes difficult and bothering to find such a company that is genuine and offer products at reasonable rates. Let’s find out what kind of plants and services you can get from such a company:

Plants for office and home

Most of the people look for plants that can be kept inside the house so that it can beautify the home interiors. There are plenty of such plants like Singonium, Aglaonema, Spathiphyllum, Money plant variegated etc. that are kept indoor in office and home. So, look for the company that offers indoor plants for sale. 

Hedging and screening

Hedging and screening plants are extensively used for landscaping purpose. If you are looking to renovate your lawn or backyard then buy huge screening plants or hedges from such online plant sellers. The products will reach your place within time so that you can start off the work as soon as possible.

Live plants for gifts

The live plants are also used as gifting purpose. The online plant sellers also offer unique and customized gifts for gifting purpose. If you are looking to get some gifts for your close one then such companies can help you with customized and elegant live plants. The floral or plant bomboniere are also offered by such services.

Succulents and cactus

The succulents and cactus are truly beautiful and can make their way into your living room table or office desks. If you wish to have classy and beautiful succulents or cactus for your need, contact such online sellers.

Palm and bamboos

Palms and bamboos are mostly used for outdoor purpose or refurbishing the entrance of the house/ office. These are also used to decorate the wedding venues or corporate venues. You can buy such plants of different sizes from online stores and get your property an overhaul.

Grasses and creepers

Lawn grasses and creepers are required for Lawn preparation or landscaping so that it can beautify the property. You can have a look into such online plants sellers if they are offering such products.

Garden supplies and planters

The gardening service should also offer all types of garden supplies as well as planters. All types of garden supplies from a single platform helps in minimising the hassle of buying the products from offline store. These are some few types of plants and services that you can expect from a recommended online gardening company.


How Guarding The Gutters Can Be Economically Beneficial For You?

The very first question you may come up with that why to install guards for the gutters and invest some money unnecessarily. The guards may initially look a very pricy investment, but for long run it can be the only reason due to which you can save a lot of money and time indeed! It’s not more a luxury pick for home beautification, rather it has become a very requisite nowadays. Let’s get into details how the guards can economically benefit you.

Preventing clogging of debris and waste

A proper guttering system prevents the debris or unwanted waste from clogging. The clogging usually happens more during the monsoon and as a result the water does not pass properly and creates an unhealthy environment.

Preventing damage of the foundation and walls

A gutter guard helps in blocking the waste (i.e. dried leaves, debris, etc.) on the roof and ensures rainwater to pass properly through the exit point. If the rain water is not cleared properly, it can eventually damage the property. Also, clogged water due to clogged gutter can dampen the walls, form mold and lead to an unhygienic situation, which is turn cost you more to clean up. If the situation persists for more time, it can also hamper the health of the residents and certainly affect the structure of the property. What if the clogged water damages the foundation of the house? There are many more outcomes if proper steps are not taken. So, isn’t it wise to take precautions at the very early stage and install a guard for the gutter?

Reduces the cost of hiring professional cleaning services

Cleaning the drainage by your own is not a fun at all. So, once the debris starts clogging you will require hiring professional services to clean it properly. So, undoubtedly you have to pay off the bills of the professional charges. Even if you want to get it done by your own, it is undoubtedly a time taking and tiring process. Also, you will require proper tools and safety measures to reach the roof to do the cleaning. More so, as you are not a professional you will end up taking more time and cleaning will be less efficient. So, in such situations making a one-time investment on the guard can save your time, money and anxiety. Nowadays, these guards are not much expensive and can protect your property well. It’s simple and do not need much maintenance. So, make up your mind and take the proper decision; whether you want to do a single time investment and ensure a better gutter or you want to spend more money in hiring professional services for cleaning?